Hand Feeling Flowers -More Advanced then Artificial Flowers

Hand Feeling Flowers

Recently, our website has updated two new products, which are our hand simulation flowers.

Because it feels rough, it is more realistic than ordinary flowers, and the effect is better

whether it is for photography or decoration.The Item Number : YSF20061 and YSF20055.

Compared with the ordinary simulation flower, her flower shape is more full, three-dimensional.

Petal shape is better.With the design of small head rose,

it looks and feels very simulated, which gives a feeling of dry rose.

Personally, I like these two new products very much and

have recommended them to many customers.

If you like them, you can have a try.

More intersting ,please check :https://www.facebook.com/yasenn.homedecor or http://www.yasenn,com

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