Artificial Flower Arrangements For Home

What are the artificial flower choices for home?

Your flower choices can seem to occupy an endless list if you “go faux.” Real flowers, on the other hand, offer limited options to what is in season.

Regardless of the type of arrangement that you choose, here are types of flowers that can work incredibly well in any interior: Alstroemeria, Gerber Daisies, Hydrangeas, Gardenia, Tulips, Spray Roses, Craspedia, and Lilies.

How to match artificial flower arrangements with furniture?

Choose the artificial flower arrangement that can be placed on top of your furniture, which has enough space. NEVER squeeze your beautiful arrangement in an area as that will just end up in added clutter. Your faux flowers must have enough clearance around the base.

Interior designers always advise homeowners to pair artificial flower arrangements with dark, rich colors with furniture pieces that are also deep or rich in color. Of course, the colors shouldn’t be too similar or else the arrangement won’t get any attention. If you have bright flowers, you should also place them near bright-colored furniture.

What color flower arrangements will best enhance your home?

To make your flower arrangement look more realistic, consider the current season. If it is fall, the get the arrangement that’s rich and bright. The colors may include rust, burgundy, red, amber, and yellow. If it is summer or spring, opt for light and pastel colors like sky blue, pink, and citrus. For the winter season, it’s best if you keep it clean and simple with silver and white.

Artificial Flower Arrangements For Home

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