Wedding Day Details Splurge on: Flowers
Due to the fact that flowers, don’t last long after the wedding. Many couples don’t really want to spend money on this décor wedding aspect. However, floral details are one of the first things guests spot on a reception and that they actually remember. If you have extra money, try finding interesting ways to add flowers to your décor or get some statement blooms. For what is worth, they don’t even have to be real flowers! Artificial flowers are less expensive than fresh ones, which means you can buy more of them for the same amount of money. Here’s an idea – find beautiful artificial pink peonies and use them as statement décor wedding pieces wherever you see fit. The best thing about these flowers is that you can also use them for another occasion!

The Most Popular Wedding Day Details That You Should Splurge on

Splurge on: Lighting
Proper lighting is the most cost-effective way to upgrade an outdoor event, there’s no doubt. It creates a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos and it can draw attention to the important details of the big day. Paper lanterns, fairy lights, string lighting, uplighting…They are all perfect elements to create an ambiance in addition to the décor. As a matter of fact, splurging on lighting will add so much to the décor that you can cut costs in other areas. It will be all well worthy when your guests can actually see each other and your photographer is able to capture the details on film.
What will be you splurge on ?

Wedding Day Details


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