7″Candle Lanterns Decorative with Led Candles Jumping and Flickering Flame Candles

7″Candle Lanterns Decorative with Led Candles Jumping and Flickering Flame Candles

Item No.: YSDS19202
Dia.: 13cm
Height: 7inch
Material: metal mesh vase
Flame: jumping flame
Color of Flame: warm white
Function: jumping flame
Power Supply: battery operated


For mesh vase,As they’re handmade, each one varies slightly. YASENN candle lanterns decorative with Flameless Jumping Wick Candles by Modern Home. Incredibly true to life, YASENN candles have a built-in patented Jumping wick with orange glow light to simulate a real candle. Comes unscented . YASENN is the most realistic flameless candle you can buy. It looks like a real flame from up close! Modern Home YASENN Flameless Pillar Candle Jumping Wick This YASENN LED candle are flame-less energy-saving candle, as there are no flame or hot wax and easy to use simply turn on by a switch at the bottom, it can be used in anywhere, such as household with kids or pets around. without having to worry about an open flame or molten wax. The candle design is very attractive, can be used with votive holders or pillar candle holders, which is versatile for various occasion, such as used in restaurants romantic dinner, wedding, party, festival decorations. Specification:
Material: LED+Plastic pillar,Metal Mesh Vase
Size: Diameter 13cm/5.1inch, Height 18cm/7inch
Battery: AA X2
Battery life: 100+hours
Light color: Golden Yellow
Appearance color: white
Package includes: 1 set of Mesh Vase LED lights candles(battery included)
Our patent right
certificate No:
ZL 2018 2 0537728.1
ZL 2018 3 0547298.7
ZL 2018 3 0547433.8
ZL 2018 2 1619764.9
ZL2018 2 1882285.6
ZL 2015 2 0116357.6
ZL 2018 2 0579116.9
ZL 2015 2 0558847.1



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