A good number of innovation-driven achievements have been showcased in all walks of society during the 132nd Canton Fair.

During the event, more and more enterprises have become aware of the new “dual circulation” growth pattern and paved the way to stabilize the global industrial supply chain.

The amount of intended orders obtained by Hunan Trading Group exceeded $70 million at the 132nd Canton Fair. Exhibitors admitted that the business opportunities brought by the online platform of the Canton Fair are inspiring.

The order volume of Furui Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing reported a 30 percent rise year-on-year.

In order to improve the display effect, the enterprise had been preparing all the pictures and video materials to be displayed at the fair one and a half months before its opening online. The company said that the online Canton Fair can realize the information distribution function and at the same time make it easier to apply the new technologies such as virtual reality, which is useful to break the limitation of time, space and human resources in traditional exhibitions.

Leveraging on the experience accumulated in the previous online exhibitions, the service quality of the online 132nd Canton Fair was optimized and it has become easier to operate, the organizer said.

Exhibitors said that the account management can be easily achieved; the business negotiation has become more convenient; and the buyers’ group has become more extensive.

Those factors are all beneficial to help enterprises hunt for the business opportunities.

“Because of the sufficient preparation in advance, the results of this term’s event are better than that of the previous term. Our old buyers have become more decisive in placing order after watching the factory production process videos,” said the Xuzhou Feiya Wood.

The company signed orders worth $4 million in total with the customers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other markets.

A new customer from Australia placed an order worth $1.2 million immediately after inquiring about their products.

Shanghai Star Industry and Trade has also expanded new customers through the online exhibition.

“In the live broadcast, a buyer from Finland was very interested in the company’s products. We sent samples to them and are waiting for their follow-up,” the company said, adding that at this Canton Fair, the company has received more than 20 electronic business cards from buyers in Russia, the United States, France, Japan and other countries.

The fruitful exhibition results have boosted the confidence of exhibitors of Zhejiang Trading Group. “This is the first time for us to participate in the Canton Fair and conduct online exhibition. The outcome has exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied!” head of Yongkang Yishun Tools, an electric tools and accessories manufacture said.

Led by the Zhejiang Trading Group, the enterprises carried out five online display activities and received 16 inquiries from buyers in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

At this Canton Fair, a number of Guangdong brands and enterprises received satisfactory results thanks to the application and innovation of new technologies such as the online marketing and trading tools as well as the digital technologies.

Zhongshan Diguang Auto Parts Industry is engaged in the design and production of lamps for both traditional cars and new energy vehicles. Thanks to the rich experience in sales accumulated over the past 30 years, it received the total intended order worth $800,000.

Before the fair, it participated in a matchmaking conference for auto parts with Latin America buyers held by the Canton Fair, which made the company’s product known and favored by some South American buyers.

The company are also actively contacting with buyers from Britain, India and other countries.

As the number of buyers at the Canton Fair is rising, the view times of the company’s online display has also increased significantly.