The expanded and upgraded virtual China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, has injected new momentum into the further recovery of global economy and trade, experts said.

The 132nd session of the Canton Fair kicked off online on Oct 15, attracting over 35,000 domestic and overseas companies, an increase of more than 9,600 over the 131st edition. Exhibitors have uploaded over 3 million pieces of “made in China” products at the fair’s online platform.

Over the past 10 days, both exhibitors and purchasers from home and abroad have been benefited by the platform and were satisfied with the trade achievements. The functions of the online platform have been optimized, with the service time being extended from the original 10 days to five months, providing more new opportunities for international trade and regional cooperation.

Overseas buyers have a strong interest in online display of Chinese enterprises, as it can allow them to break the boundaries of time and space to visit the cloud exhibition booths and workshops of the enterprises.

Foshan Freshore Company Limited in Guangdong province has displayed more than 180 outdoor tourism and leisure supplies and barbecue equipment at the company’s online booth. Of them, products that have won the fair’s design awards, and have independent intellectual property rights are welcomed by buyers.

She Jiali, head of the company’s foreign trade department, said Freshore has conducted several online professional activities, such as new product release, commodity evaluation and outdoor live broadcast during the fair, resulting in a number of intended orders.

Commenting on the fair’s online platform, the international business department of Chinese home appliance giant Midea Group said it can help promote accurate matchmaking between exhibitors and buyers, improve the trade efficiency, develop new sales channels, and explore new international markets.

“At the Canton Fair, Midea has displayed new products through the cloud and virtual reality exhibition halls, and received a lot of inquiries and orders.

“We have also met new customers from across the world. For example, after receiving our electronic business card, some clients from Vietnam and South Korea added us as friends on WeChat to consult products and carry out follow-up business negotiations,” said a representative of the department.

Beijing Yonglin International Trade, which engages in the production of glass handicrafts, also feels the convenience and charm of the fair’s online platform. “We have established connections with new customers via the platform, and also let the old clients to better understand our new products,”  said Zhang Chen, the company’s business manager.

Yonglin has received electronic business cards and inquiries from a number of buyers. It signed contracts worth nearly $200,000, and obtained intended orders worth $300,000. “In addition, some buyers have taken samples of our new products, laying the foundation for business cooperation next year,” Zhang said.

Although it was the first time for the company to participate in the online fair, Wensheng Plastic Toy based in Shantou’s Chenghai district has met its expectation with good preparations.

The company focuses on toy design and manufacturing, and services of sales and the OEM or original equipment manufacturer.

“As of Oct 20, the company had reached short-term orders of more than $300,000, and the medium and long-term intended orders exceeding $3 million. We had also received over 100 electronic business cards from buyers, “ said Yang Jiehan, the company’s manager.

Golden Chef Machinery Co Ltd has exhibited food processing machinery and baking equipment, which receive the attention of many Chinese and overseas buyers.